On my author page, I invoke the B. Traven principle that the "creative person should have no other biography than his works". And already I've broken that principle in an interview with The Reading Desk. In today's digital age, of course, it's practicably impossible to maintain the kind of biographical mystery that surrounded B. Traven. So, if anyone is interested in a tiny slice my biography, they can find a few words here.

Kaleköy - Kekova


I truly admire those who write really interesting blogs while holding down a job, writing books, editing and proofreading. At present, my own creative energy is focused primarily on my second novel. This is a tale of murder and vengeance set on the sun-soaked Mediterranean coast of Turkey you see here, against a climate of political tension.

Who knows? The day of the blog may well come. In the meantime, this page will show little snippets of information now and then, such as the news today (17 September 21) that I have joined the Independent Author Network. Anyone interested can find another little biography on my IAN page here,

The Dark Frontier

"gripping … I look forward to future novels from this author"
- Goodreads

"an absorbing and mysterious drama that meticulously crafts a menacing tale"
- Amazon

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Time-shift mystery thriller set on border between Switzerland and Germany at the time of the Third Reich and in early 1970s at the time of the Swiss referendum on women's suffrage